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NPTC City & Guilds Awards

We have been working with NPTC City and Guilds for several years and provide our clients with reliable access to a range of Awards through our Assessment Centre. All of the Training Team are registered Assessors and are at hand to provide a flexible schedule and a nationwide service.

Many of the training solutions that we provide are aimed at providing the trainee with the knowledge required to successfully complete an NPTC Assessment. This service however is not exclusively for trainees and is available to anyone over 16 years of age*

NPTC has now been fully integrated into the City and Guilds group as is now also know under the name of City and Guilds Landbased Services.



NPTC CS30 Maintain and operate the Chainsaw

NPTC CS31 Fell small Trees

NPTC CS32 Fell trees over 380mm (Medium and Large)

NPTC CS34 Individual windblown Trees

NPTC CS35 Multiple windblown Trees

NPTC Climb trees and perform Aerial Rescue

NPTC CS39 Use a chainsaw from a rope and Harness

NPTC CS40 Carry out pruning operations

NPTC CS41 Undertake Sectional Felling

NPTC CS47 Safe use of chainsaw from MEWP

NPTC Safe use of Brushwood Chipper

NPTC Safe use of Stump grinder

NPTC Safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platform MEWP


And many more .....


Assessment Schedules are available from the NPTC Website

Lantra Awards

Lantra Awards is a national awarding organisation specialising in training and assessment for the land-based and environmental sector. With over 35 years experience, they understand the specialist training needs of individuals, businesses and other organisations within these sectors. All courses are the product of extensive research and communication with the network of Technical skills Verifiers, Lantra Instructors, NPTC Assessors and Industry Leaders. LANTRA ITA Courses offer Integrated Assessment. Tree Care Ireland can provide ITA courses for a range of skills and can also produced customised awards.

* 16 is the minimum age for Chainsaw Awards