Marley, Saint Mullins, Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny
Tel: 089 417 3544
Email: info@
Tree Care Ireland - Contact Details---

We have discovered that the most effective way to provide our clients and business partners with the information that they require is to speak with them directly by phone or open up conversation by email.

Tel: 089 417 3544
Email: info@ or kevin@

We provide our contact details at the top of each web page to make things easy.

Our Training Coordinator, Sara will pick up emails on info@ but you can also use kevin@ to get in touch with our lead Instructor.

Our offices are not staffed at all times, but we will try our best to reply within 24hours.

Our offices have a pin on Google maps, which can be found by typing Tree Care Ireland into Google maps. However, if you are looking for our Training Centre in Kilkenny or South Dublin, just give the team a call and we'll send you a detailed map.

We look forward to hearing from you .........................